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Our Story

The gardening blog for Northern growers

From Soil to Soul was established in 2015 with the realization that there simply isn’t enough solid, practical gardening advice for gardeners in Zone 1-5.

If you’re a gardener living in a cold region with a short growing season then it comes as no surprise that finding relevant gardening content specific to your unique zone is a challenge.

Sure, there’s tons of info out there for gardeners living in temperate climates where year round gardening is possible. But for us Northern folks, it can be tough!

And so, From Soil to Soul was born.

I (Maggie) started sharing gardening content on Instagram in 2015 when my now husband built us our first greenhouse. We had no idea what we were doing and so I honestly shared online the wins and fails that come in those first few years of gardening.

I quickly fell in love with the freedom that came with growing our own food and submersed myself into learning as much as possible about the world of organic gardening.

Around this time, I was also completing my college degree in Marketing & Communications. Our final project was to develop a business plan and execute a portion of it.

With my new hobby top of mind, I knew I wanted to make From Soil to Soul my project. Alongside building the blog (which then was nowhere near what it is today!), I also saw an opportunity to launch a gardening podcast.

Serendipitously my path crossed with Dave Hanson, owner of Sage Garden Greenhouses and an influential force locally here in Manitoba. I shared my podcast idea with him and we easily both felt that a co-host partnership was the right fit.

We launched The Grow Guide podcast that Fall and have continued to share new episodes with our loyal listeners ever since.

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Why Organic Gardening

Practices Sustainability

Organic gardening has a smaller carbon footprint then gardening with the use of pesticides, herbicides or other synthetic fertilizers. Its benefits to our planet are numerous and include providing us cleaner air and water, replenishing natural ecosystems and preserving biodiversity.  

Grows Healthier Food For You

Growing a garden provides you the opportunity to have control over the food you’re putting in your body. Better yet, to know exactly how that food is grown. Organic gardening keeps more nutrients in our food, where they belong. It also reduces the amount of heavy metals we consume and, in some cases, increases the amount of antioxidants we consume.

Follows Nature’s Lead

Organic gardening works in harmony with nature. It follows the principles Mother Nature has known all along, like biodiversity and composting. Most organic gardening practices incorporate techniques first used thousands of years ago. It takes us back to how we used to operate.

Rebuilds Our Soil Systems

Soil is the foundation of our food systems, and ultimately, our lives. Studies show organic gardening practices. like the use of cover crops, compost, crop rotation and no-till methods, increases soil health gradually over time. Every time you add organic matter to your soil, you’re investing in the future of our planet. 

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