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How To Compost In The Winter In Canada Winter composting is easier than you think even if your pile is completely frozen! Plus find 5 FAQs on Winter composting. DIY garden flower arbor with greenery How To Build A DIY Suspended Floral Centrepiece This DIY hanging arrangement takes only 1 hour to build and will add so much to your event decor. 5 Tips For Hosting A Garden Harvest Dinner Party In order to host a harvest dinner party, I planned my entire garden specifically with the event in mind. So here are 5 tips to apply when planning out your How To Compost Your Pumpkins After Halloween 5 easy ways to sustainably dispose of your pumpkins post-Halloween without them going to the landfill. June 2022 Field Notes – Zone 3 Garden A look at how our Manitoba garden is really starting to come to life. Plus some of the challenges so far this year, a few of my fav companion planting Maggie and pepper in the greenhouse April 2022 Field Notes – Zone 3 Homestead A monthly series cataloging what's happening on our homestead. Here's a look at how April is shaping up in our Zone 3 climate. Brown chickens in a coop Top 15 Tips For Caring For Chickens In Cold Winter Weather Chickens are surprisingly hardy and actually do really well in cold long as they have the right set-up! 8 Ways to Easily Preserve Your Garden Harvest For Beginners Follow these 8 quick and simple preserving ideas to help you enjoy your garden harvest all Winter long. White chickens with red combs in a coop Keeping Chickens in a Cold Climate – What You Need to Know Can you keep chickens in the winter? It’s the golden question many cold climate dwellers want to know. Well, the answer is yes!