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6ft Bamboo Plant Stakes A great DIY solution for adding vertical structures to the garden. I create bamboo tipis for beans throughout the garden. SHOP Galvanized Steel Archway Trellis A DIY solution to make arched trellises in the garden. Great for vining plants with heavy fruit, such as squash, pumpkins and tomatoes. SHOP Green Trellis Netting I love this netting to use as a vertical support for sweet peas, snap peas, nasturtiums, morning glories, beans, cucumbers and other light-weight vining plants. Use stakes on either end to keep it upright. SHOP Waterer Heater Base My preferred way to keep our chickens' water from freezing during Winter. I prefer using a base like this and placing our waterer on top of it. SHOP 3 Gallon Heavy Duty Waterer My preferred waterer for our hens as it's easy to clean the base and holds enough water for 2-3 days for our flock of 10. SHOP Ceramic Egg Plate A lovely way to make fresh eggs look even more appealing in your fridge or on the counter. I always get compliments on mine! SHOP Stasher Reusable Silicone Storage Bags Great quality bags that keep garden greens and herbs fresh much longer than plastic bags. SHOP Natural Fibres Vegetable Brush A great quality brush with strong bristles. I use it all the time to clean up veggies after harvesting. SHOP Salton Vita Pro Dehydrator Perfect for dehydrating your own spices, teas or veggies. I like the Salton Pro because it’s pretty compact so fits nicely in a pantry when not in use and it has 5 stacking trays so you can dehydrate a decent amount at once. SHOP Glass Tight Seal Jars These glass jars are great for keeping freshly harvested herbs, sauces and spreads. SHOP Mason Bee Castle We have two of these Mason Bee Castles attached to our garden fence and it brings me great joy to watch bees go in and out throughout the growing season. It provides safe nesting sites for up to 60 female mason bees for improved pollination for berries and fruit trees. Plus, ours have held up outside for the last 5+ years without any damage. SHOP Hanging String Lights Such a vibe in the garden. We really like the SUNTHIN brand as they’re heavy weight so don’t get blown around too much in the wind. SHOP