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6ft Bamboo Plant Stakes A great DIY solution for adding vertical structures to the garden. I create bamboo tipis for beans throughout the garden. SHOP Galvanized Steel Archway Trellis A DIY solution to make arched trellises in the garden. Great for vining plants with heavy fruit, such as squash, pumpkins and tomatoes. SHOP Green Trellis Netting I love this netting to use as a vertical support for sweet peas, snap peas, nasturtiums, morning glories, beans, cucumbers and other light-weight vining plants. Use stakes on either end to keep it upright. SHOP Drip Irrigation Automated System Our automated watering system saves us so much time throughout the gardening season. You don’t need to be tech-y to set this one up either, it’s super easy to install. SHOP 10L Watering Can Stop using a tiny watering can for your potted plants! Invest in a big 10L one like this simple, black one I have. You can remove the top spout from this one if you want to release more water at once and the double handles make it easy to hold when it’s heavy and full of water. SHOP Hori Hori Knife I use this tool for harvesting, planting seeds and weeding. One side of the blade is serrated for cutting while the other side has a ruler on it, which is great for measuring planting depth. SHOP Hula Hoe Hand Weeder My FAV weeding tool. The little teeth in the Hula Hoe easily get under the roots of weeds. This is a tool I use weekly if not daily throughout the gardening season! I like the Mini version but you can also get a full-sized one if you prefer working standing up. SHOP Trigger Gardening Wand Waterer Every gardener needs a high quality watering wand. I love this one! It makes watering easy and allows you to be really targeted with aiming water directly at your roots. This one I have has lasted for several seasons without leaking. SHOP Glass Rain Gauge I have a slight obsession with checking my rain gauge. It’s SO helpful to know exactly how much water your plants have received from Mother Nature. This glass one I have is great quality too! SHOP Growoya Watering Tool You bury this amazing tool in the soil and it slowly releases water to your plants roots. My code FROMSOILTOSOUL will get you 5% off! SHOP GeoPot Fabric Grow Bags The only containers I use for potted plants. I especially love these for my tomatoes & peppers. They allow roots to breath and will result in massive, healthy plants. SHOP Sproutbox Garden Steel Raised Bed We love these raised beds, they are incredibly durable and will last you years. Plus made in Canada! Use code SOILTOSOUL10 for 10% off. SHOP