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SunBlaster 24 Hour Growlight Timer A great tool to make seed starting a little more hands off. SHOP Mini Clip-On Fan Ideal for maintaining adequate airflow in your seedling station. The clip works great to attach to your shelving. SHOP Mister Spray Bottles Perfect for gently misting seedlings when they are still small and delicate. I also add my liquid fertilizer to these spray bottles. SHOP Sea Magic Kelp Fertilizer My preferred organic fertilizer for seedlings. This small package will make your concentrated formula and last weeks if not months. SHOP Seedling Heat Mat Improves germination rates immensely! I love my heat mat, especially for hard-to-grow seeds that require more days to germination. SHOP Humidity Domes A must for even germination. I like this 5 pack that will fit your 10x20 trays. SHOP 72 Cell Seedling Plug Trays I really like these heavy duty plug trays and find they last years without cracking. SHOP 10×20 Seedling Bottom Trays I place these trays below my seedling tray so that I can easily water without any leakage. They're also great for starting microgreens. SHOP Seed Starting Rolling Shelves I love these wire shelves on wheels for starting all my seeds and easily hanging grow lights. SHOP Sunblaster LED Grow Lights Sunblaster is my preferred grow light brand, you can't go wrong with any of their LED options. SHOP Seed Organizer How I organize all my seeds, it makes life so much easier! Pro Tip: Organize each container by planting out date rather than seed variety. SHOP