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How To Build A DIY Suspended Floral Centrepiece

by on September 28, 2023
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Last year for my Fall Harvest Dinner, we built this DIY suspended floral centrepiece and it stole the show! We just used flowers and greenery from the garden and a few simple tools and materials. It takes only 1 hour to build and will add so much to your event decor. So here’s everything you need to know to build it yourself.

DIY floral arbor arrangement

First, if you’re curious as to what a Harvest Dinner is and how you can host your own — I have two blogs that cover those topics exactly:

Now, here’s everything you’ll need to create your own DIY suspended floral centrepiece. I’ve also included the greenery and flowers we used, but you’re welcome to put your own twist on this and use either what you have available in your garden or what fits your style.

I’ve also seen other bloggers refer to this style of decor as a hanging floral arrangement or diy floral chandelier. So if you’re looking for more inspo, try using those search terms!

DIY Suspended Floral Centrepiece Supplies:

DIY Suspended Floral Centrepiece Greenery:

  • Cosmo stalks
  • Lavender greenery
  • Dahlia greenery

DIY Suspended Floral Centrepiece Flowers:

  • Cosmos
  • Zinnias
  • Marigolds
  • Dahlias


1. Roll out your chicken wire mesh until you have 10ft in length. Then use steal wire cutters to cut it from the rest of the roll. I recommend doing this before harvesting your greenery/flowers as you may need to do several trips back-and-forth to the garden to ensure you have enough and can use the mesh as a guide.

2. Head into your garden and begin harvesting your flowers first. You’ll want to do this before you begin cutting greenery in order to keep the flowers nicely intact. Be sure to leave 2-3inches of stem on each flower to make them easy to tuck into the mesh. Harvest anywhere from 30-50 flowers, including herbs such as lavender and borage.

3. Next, begin harvesting your greenery. You’ll want a variety of plants to add texture and various shades of green. I’d suggest cutting your plants right above the root so you have long stalks to work with. To create a full centrepiece, harvest enough greenery so that it covers half of your mesh.

4. Begin layering your greenery along half of your mesh. We did two layers of greenery on top of each other to create a full look. Have some greenery hanging off the end for a whimsical vibe.

5. Once greenery is layered, begin rolling your mesh lengthwise to create a large sphere. The mesh will naturally hook together and should be easy to mould into shape with your hands. Once it’s the desired shape you’d like, use your zip ties to connect each end, spacing them 3-4inches apart.

6. Gently place a wooden support at each end of the top of your centrepiece. This will ensure it doesn’t sag in the middle once hung. You’ll need to wiggle the supports between the layers of mesh to have them tightly in place.

7. Next, use your heavy duty hanging wire and hooks to hang your centrepiece above your table. You’ll need something that can hold at least 15-20lbs as your greenery will be heavy.

8. Finally once your centrepiece is hanging, use a ladder or step stool to tuck your flowers throughout. I suggest doing this last once it’s already hanging as it will allow you to easily see how to arrange different flowers throughout. You want to mix different colours and have them dispersed evenly. The stems of the flowers should stay put between the mesh and layers or greenery, but you can also use zip ties if needed. The more flowers the better!

And there you have it!

DIY garden flower arbor with greenery

If you build this DIY suspended floral centrepiece, be sure to tag me on Instagram @fromsoiltosoul.

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Leave a comment below if you have any questions, I answer all comments! Or if you have other ideas for greenery and flowers to use for this DIY hanging floral arrangement, I’d love to hear about it.

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