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The 10 Best Garden Centres & Greenhouses In Manitoba

by on March 10, 2023
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If you’re not local to Manitoba (or not planning to visit any time soon), this post isn’t for you. Visit another one of my organic gardening blogs instead! This blog is for my Manitoba and Winnipeg-based gardeners who are looking for the best garden centres and greenhouses in the province.

I think you will be surprised by some of the businesses on this list as I’ve included a few hidden gems!

And please if you can, choose to support one of these local, small businesses over the big boxed stores.

While big boxed store greenhouses do have large selections of plants and might be located in close proximity to where you live, the plants typically aren’t very healthy because they’ve been imported from greenhouses across Canada & the U.S.

You will likely find plants you purchase from here will wilt or get transplant shock once they get planted in your garden, which will waste both your time and money.

So shop local instead from one of these amazing Manitoba greenhouses and nurseries!

Alright, here’s why I think these are the 10 best garden centres & greenhouses in Manitoba that you should visit this season.

The 10 Best Garden Centres & Greenhouses In Manitoba

10. St.Mary’s Nursery & Garden Centre

St.Mary’s Nursery & Garden Centre is located just South of Winnipeg down St.Mary’s road (as the name suggests) where you’ll find many other greenhouses too.

It’s kinda the hot area to hit up in the Spring when looking to purchase plants from various nurseries. Just drive down the strip and you’ll come across 10+ garden centres to choose from!

I’ll be honest, it’s not a garden centre I visit all that often, hence why it’s in the #10 spot on my list. I find it a little outdated and would consider it more of a gift shop than a nursery.

But I do appreciate the selection of trees and shrubs they have available.

Pro-Tip: Check them out in the Fall when they’re selling off the end of the season trees at discounted prices, you’ll score a great deal!

9. Lacoste Garden Centre

Lacoste Garden Centre is also located on the hot spot strip down St.Mary’s road just a few minutes outside of Winnipeg city limits.

Lacoste is #9 on my list of the best greenhouses in Manitoba because while it is a massive garden centre with a really large selection of plants, the prices are quite high and they don’t have a ton of organic products.

Definitely still worth the visit though if you are looking for houseplants, soils and gardening tools.

Bonus — Lacoste is open year round whereas many Manitoba greenhouses aren’t in the Winter.

So it makes for an awesome spot to browse on a cold, snowy day.

8. Oakridge Greenhouse & Garden Centre

Oakridge Greenhouse & Garden Centre is a charming little spot located in Steinbach, Manitoba…“it’s worth the trip” (if you know, you know).

Once a year or so I drive out to Oakridge to pick up a few goodies. I don’t shop here for my seedlings (those greenhouses are in the top spots on my list!) but I do like to pick up cute containers, coffee mugs and other knick knacks from Oakridge.

Plus they also have a great café too, so you can grab a coffee while browsing. Coffee + plant shopping go hand in hand, right?

7. The Shops of St.Andrews

The Shops of St.Andrews are a bit of a hidden gem that don’t get the love they deserve in my opinion!

Located North of Winnipeg near Selkirk, Manitoba it’s a bit of a drive from the city but you can easily spend a good hour or more plant shopping here.

I’m always surprised and delighted by the unique selection of organic gardening products they carry. I’ve picked up things like mushroom compost, seaweed fertilizer and HealthiStraw from here.

The prices for plants are quite reasonable too! The nursery area is really big and where I find lots of my filler annual flowers for our decorative containers.

6. T&T Seeds 

T&T Seeds is my garden centre of choice for…you guessed it, seeds!

They have a huge selection of their own seeds as well as tons of good quality, healthy-looking seedlings.

While not all their plants are organic, they do have some that are. Every year I place an online seed order from T&T and then make the drive out to Headingley, Manitoba to pick them up and do a bit more shopping.

T&T Seeds is a local, family run nursery you can feel good about supporting.

5. St-Léons Gardens

You might be surprised to see St-Léons Gardens on this list. They’re not necessarily known as a garden centre but more of a local produce and food market.

However I think they deserve the #5 spot on my top 10 list of best garden centres and greenhouses in Manitoba because they’re located centrally, which means you don’t need to commute far to start your garden. Ideal for my urban growers!

I also love their focus on local, so many of their plants are from local distributors and/or grown themselves.

4. Schriemers Market Centre

I really love Schriemers Market Centre and visit several times throughout the growing season when I run out of soil or other items that I quickly need. They have a huge selection of…everything!

Schreimers Market Centre is located directly off of Hwy 59 just North of Winnipeg near the town of Birds Hill, Manitoba.

Though Schreimers doesn’t specialize in organics, they do carry a good selection of organic products, soils, plants and fertilizers. I’ve actually picked up some of my fav garden tools from here, like my floating row cover.

Another cool thing about Schriemers is that they grow all the tomatoes in their greenhouses for Vics Market, using a hydroponic set-up. Though this area isn’t really open to the public, you can easily peak inside and see the beauty of thousands of tomato vines. It’s really something!

3. Shelmerdine

It probably comes as no surprise that Shelmerdine makes the list for the 10 best garden centres & greenhouses in Manitoba. It’s kinda like THE garden centre in Manitoba. It’s huge and an experience in itself to go visit.

Located in Headingley, Manitoba, it’s a bit of a trek to get there from the city but 100% worth it. You could spend hours browsing the gift shop, plant selection, tropicals, seeds and more.

Plus Shelmerdine hosts several cool events throughout the season, including greenhouse yoga classes in the Winter, which I’ve attended before and can say are awesome.

I usually go to Shelmerdine once a year just to check it out and see what fun things I can find.

2. Prairie Originals – Native Prairie Plants

You’ve maybe never heard of Prairie Originals before, which is often the case when I mention it to other Manitoba gardeners. But if you are passionate about organics and natural gardening like I am, once you visit once you’ll be hooked!

Prairie Originals specializes in growing native prairie wildflowers and native plants for landscaping. They have an amazing selection of flowers, grasses, shrubs and vines native to Manitoba. Anything you purchase from here is bound to attract dozens of pollinators to your garden.

The property is stunning and will definitely inspire you to naturalize your yard or garden.

Prairie Originals is located just outside of Selkirk, Manitoba.

1. Sage Garden Greenhouses

The garden centre that takes the #1 spot on my list of the 10 best garden centres and nurseries in Manitoba is Sage Garden Greenhouses.

You may think this is a little biased because I co-host The Grow Guide Podcast with the co-owner, Dave. So it’s in my interest to put Sage top of the list.

But I’m 100% genuine when I say I believe they’re the best greenhouse in Manitoba.

Here’s why;

1. They carry only organic plants, seeds and products. So you can trust what you purchase from Sage is good for the planet and your garden.

2. They have a large selection of vegetable, flower and herb seedlings plus tons of cool trees, shrubs and grasses. So they can be your one stop shop for plant shopping in the Spring.

3. They’re open year round and host many workshops throughout the Winter months.

4. The staff is passionate, friendly and incredibly helpful.

5. They carry their own line of organic seeds, which I love to buy and always have great germination rates with.

Sage Garden is located at the very end of St.Mary’s road, so you’ll venture past many other greenhouses to get to it but it’s worth waiting to pull into their parking lot over the others. I promise!

And there you have it!

Those are the 10 best garden centres & greenhouses in Manitoba.

I hope this list guides you in the right direction for your plant shopping this season.

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  1. March 11, 2023

    Sage garden is the best ! Any seedling I’ve bought from them always does well in my garden. I had the most delicious suyo long cucumbers from them last year.

    — Elizabeth
  2. March 14, 2023

    Agreed!! The quality of their plants is unmatched.

    — Maggie
  3. March 25, 2023

    What a great list! Had some favourites of mine as well but also introduced me to some new ones I will have to go and check out this year!

    — Vanessa
  4. March 25, 2023

    I enjoyed this but think it should be titled in Eastern Manitoba. There’s also lots of great greenhouses out in the western part of the province.

    — Maria Mcdowell
  5. March 26, 2023

    Loved your top 10 Manitoba green houses. Would have started listing #1 first it took me a while to get Sage Gardens. Which I agree deserves to be in the #1 spot. Dave’s sincere passion for growing organic is apparent throughout his garden centre!

    — Dianne Gray-Wysocki
  6. March 26, 2023

    Loved your top 10 Manitoba green houses. Would have started listing #1 first it took me a while to get Sage Gardens, which I agree deserves to be in the #1 spot. Dave’s sincere passion for growing organic is apparent throughout his garden centre!

    — Dianne Gray-Wysocki
  7. May 14, 2023

    Sorry that you mention all the big dogs here but not a small wonderful women owned greenhouse, Red Valley Nursery on st. Marys Road and just past the big three. I really love to support small business rather then the big box stores.

    — Sue