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The 50 BEST (Gardener Approved) Gardening Gifts For 2022

by on November 24, 2022
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‘Tis the season! The holidays are right around the corner and whether you are a gardener or looking to shop for the gardener in your life, you’re bound to find some inspiration in my 2022 gardening gift guide. At least I hope you do!

I’ve specially curated this list with practical items I use regularly and LOVE. This isn’t just a list with a bunch of useless items, promise! These are all high-quality gardening products I love from brands I trust. And I’m so excited to share them with you.

For last year’s gift guide, I organized gift ideas into sections based on the gardener’s skill level (ie: Rookie, Expert, All Plant Lovers). But this year, I had sooo many more holiday gift ideas for gardeners that I wanted to share. 50 to be exact! And so I broke this list into 7+ different sections.

There’s something for every type of gardener in this gift guide. I hope you enjoy!

The 50 BEST (Gardener Approved) Gardening Gifts For 2022

50 of the best gardening gifts for gardeners

This post may contain affiliate links to products for your convenience. From Soil to Soul gains a small commission from purchases made through those links, at no additional cost to you.


Seed Starting Tools

1. Seed Organizer Storage Box

This was on last year’s gift guide too, but I’m bringing it back because it’s an item I do not regret buying. There’s nothing worse than having seed packs everywhere! And this Seed Organizer Storage Box helps you avoid that.


2. Sunblaster 24 Hour Grow Light Timer

This little tool has made seed starting a bit more hands off. Which we love! If you have Sunblaster Grow Lights already, one timer will connect seamlessly to all lights.


3. Bootstrap Farmer Seed Starting Trays

You might already have seed starting trays, but might I suggest you add the Bootstrap Farmer ones to your Christmas list? They’re made from recycled plastic and SO durable. Mine have never cracked even after 5+ years of use.


4. Sunblaster LED T5 Grow Lights

If you or the gardener in your life doesn’t yet have grow lights, do yourself/them a favour and buy some this Christmas. Sunblaster is my trusted brand!


5. Costco Heavy-Duty Racking

Okay, maybe a weird things to see in a holiday gift guide BUT these wire shelves have changed my life! I love using them for seed starting because they’re on wheels and easy to hang grow lights from.


6. Soil Blocker

If you’re not yet soil blocking, get on it. So easy and so quick. It will reinvent your seed starting.


Gardening Tools

7. Smart Weather Station

Another come back item from last year’s gift guide because it’s a tool I look at every single day. I love our Smart Weather Station in all seasons and have a gauge in both our greenhouse and garden to track temperature, moisture and humidity.


8. Floating Row Cover

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know my Floating Row Cover was one of my most beloved gardening items this season. Ever have trouble with pests eating your brassicas? This is your solution! I especially like this one because it comes with both the cover and the hoops to attach it to.


9. Sproutbox Garden Raised Bed

We LOVE our Sproutbox and have another one still in the box that needs to be set-up. They’re incredibly durable, long-lasting and a more sustainable alternative to traditional wood raised beds. Plus, if you use my code my SOILTOSOUL10 you’ll get 10% off. This discount can be combined with any other offer too!


10. GeoPot Fabric Grow Bags

Grow bags are a perfect holiday gift for an urban gardener who only has room to grow in containers or for a gardener with a greenhouse. I grow all our greenhouse tomatoes in fabric grow bags because they allow for great drainage and air flow. I love the Geopot brand because they’re made of recycled materials and really good quality.


11. Growoya Watering Tool

The Growoya is the perfect gift for gardeners that like to head to the lake during a Summer weekend and don’t want to worry about watering. You bury this amazing tool in the soil and it slowly releases water to your plants roots. My code FROMSOILTOSOUL will get you 5% off!


12. Glass Rain Gauge

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I have a slight obsession with checking my rain gauge. It’s SO helpful to know exactly how much water your plants have received from Mother Nature. This glass one I have is great quality too!


13. Trigger Gardening Wand Waterer

Every gardener needs a high quality watering wand. I love this one! It makes watering easy and allows you to be really targeted with aiming water directly at your roots. This one I have has lasted for several seasons without leaking. It comes in a few different colours too.


14. Hula Hoe Hand Weeder

My FAV weeding tool. The little teeth in the Hula Hoe easily get under the roots of weeds. This is a tool I use weekly if not daily throughout the gardening season! I like the Mini version but you can also get a full-sized one if you prefer working standing up.


15. Hori Hori Knife

This was a new-to-me tool this season that I ended up using often for harvesting, planting seeds and weeding. I love my Hori Hori Knife! One side of the blade is serrated for cutting while the other side has a ruler on it, which is great for measuring planting depth. And it makes a great stocking stuffer.


16. High Quality Shears for Cutting Flowers

Every gardener needs a good pair of shears in their tool belt. More often than not, you’ll find me with my pair in my back pocket while in the garden. These ones are great for cutting flower stems for bouquets. And I like that they come with a little case for when not in use.


17. Pivot-All Wheelbarrow

I just recently talked about my Pivot-All Wheelbarrow on The Grow Guide Podcast as my Favourite Thing of The Week. It’s an ergonomic wheelbarrow that protects your wrists. If you or the gardener in your life suffers from wrist pain like I do, this is a gift for them! It’s available in Canada at The Home Depot.


18. 10L Watering Can

Stop using a tiny watering can for your potted plants! Invest in a big 10L one like this simple, black one I have. It’ll get the job done that much quicker. I also like that you can remove the top spout from this one if you want to release more water at once. And the double handles make it easy to hold when it’s heavy and full of water.


19. Drip Irrigation Automated System

There’s so much I can say about why a watering automation system is a fantastic gift. But I’ll leave it at this — get ready for all the extra time you’ll have on your hands! Plus, you don’t need to be tech-y to set this one up. It’s super easy to install. If you want to gift the entire set-up, I suggest purchasing both this Programmable Timer and the Drip Line Kit.



20. High Yield Vegetable Gardening

This is the book I always recommend to gardeners. It will transform the way you grow food and make your garden that much more productive. It’s a spiral bound book so a little pricier but one I reference every season and still learn something new. A perfect gift for the practical gardener!


21. The Year Round Vegetable Gardener

Another Bible gardening book for me. The author, Niki Jabbour is a fellow Canadian so she understands the struggle of Northern growing. You’ll learn so much from this book if it ends up under your Christmas tree.


22. Growing Under Cover

Another book by Niki Jabbour but this one is all about expanding your seasons by growing under cover. You’ll find advice for shade loving plants, creating cold frames, DIY greenhouses and more. The photography is beautiful and it’s a great book to come back to when you’re starting a new project.


23. Epic Tomatoes

Author Craig LeHouiller is the king of tomatoes as you’ll see in his book where he gets deep, covering 100s of tomato varieties. You can hear our interview with him on The Grow Guide Podcast too! A perfect gift for the tomato enthusiast.


24. Mastering The Art Of Succession Planting

A must-have book for Northern growers as it will inspire you to look at the shoulder seasons in a new way. Author Meg Cowden shares an abundance of practical tips for extending your growing season with her succession planting techniques. I really love this book, it has made me view the shoulder seasons in new ways even in Zone 3.


25. The Vegetable Gardening Book

I just purchased this book for myself after having Joe on a recent episode of The Grow Guide Podcast. It’s full of applicable gardening info on dozens of different plants. Truly a “how to grow” guide for veggies.


Things To Wear While Gardening

26. Bogs Gardening Boots

Boots in the garden? Might sound weird to you, but I love my Bogs because they can transition through every season. Really, I wear my Bogs in the garden from Spring to Fall. And if you’re looking for Winter boots, Bogs are also what I suggest. I wear mine daily and swear by them.


27. Crocs

What can I say…every gardener needs a cute pair of Crocs to easily slide on when you quickly need to harvest for dinner. Yes, they’re ugly. But they’re also kinda having a moment right now and I’m here for it. I love my tie dye cloud ombre pair.


28. Light Weight Flannel

This flannel is the BEST one I’ve ever tried for gardening. It’s light weight enough that you won’t get sweaty while also providing protection from the sun. It also comes in a range of cute colours.


29. Digz Faux Leather Gardening Gloves

These heavy-duty gloves will take you through every season in the garden. Plus, they come in women’s specific sizes to fit smaller hands! The pattern is super cute too.

30. Bluetooth Headphones

For listening to The Grow Guide Podcast in the garden, of course. But really, I like this pair because they have a back neck strap so less chance of you loosing one of the tiny pods. Plus they’re super affordable.


31. Wide Brim Sun Visor

I really love this wide straw visor. It provides great sun protection but also stays really secure on my head while I’m bending down to weed and there’s a sweat band for those hot Summer days.

32. La Roche Posay Sunscreen 

A fancy sunscreen is a great stocking stuffer. And yes, SPF in the Winter is important too! This brand is the one I choose daily. It’s so light weight and gentle.


Garden Decor

33. Decorative Gnomes

There’s two types of gardeners — the ones who like gnomes in their garden and the ones who don’t. I fall in the ‘do’ category. Do you?


34. Custom Garden Sign

I love this idea! You can customize a sign for the gardener in your life. Such a cute, personalized gift idea!


35. Reusable Stainless Steel Plant Tags

I have been looking for a good quality, reusable plant tag for years and have finally found one! You can easily wipe these off so that they’re ready to use next year.

36. Hanging String Lights

Such a vibe in the garden. We really like the SUNTHIN brand as they’re heavy weight so don’t get blown around too much in the wind.


For Wildlife

37. Glass Hummingbird Feeder

A beautiful gift for the gardener in your life. This one is extremely durable and easy to hang. Plus it looks like a piece of art.


38. Bird & Butterfly Bath

A great addition to a garden or yard. I just ordered this antique gold one from West Coast Seeds. And yes, butterflies and other pollinators need baths are drinking water too!


39. Mason Bee Castle

We have two of these Mason Bee Castles attached to our garden fence and it brings me great joy to watch bees go in and out throughout the growing season. It provides safe nesting sites for up to 60 female mason bees for improved pollination for berries and fruit trees. Plus, ours have held up outside for the last 5+ years without any damage.


Preserving & Processing Tools

40. Glass Tight Seal Jars

These glass jars have been great for keeping freshly harvested herbs, sauces and spreads.


41. Salton Vita Pro Dehydrator

A perfect gift for a gardener who wants to make their own spices, teas or simply dehydrate veggies. I like this one because it’s pretty compact so fits nicely in a pantry when not in use and it has 5 stacking trays so you can dehydrate a decent amount at once.


42. Natural Fibres Vegetable Brush 

A great stocking stuffer! This brush we have is great quality with strong bristles. I use it all the time to clean up veggies after harvesting.


43. Kitchen Compost Bin

I love this sleek compost bin. It fits perfectly underneath our kitchen sink and makes it easy to dump outside in the compost pile. It also has a charcoal filter in it so you won’t notice any smell.


44. Stasher Reusable Silicone Storage Bags

A practical gift for both gardeners and people who love to cook. I find the Stasher bag is great quality and they keep garden greens and herbs fresher much longer than plastic bags.


45. Ceramic Egg Plate

A lovely gift for the chicken keeper (or not keeper) in your life. It makes fresh eggs look even more appealing in your fridge or on the counter. I always get compliments on mine!


Other Fun (and Silly) Gardening Gifts

46. Tomato Scented Candle

I just ordered one because, why not? Will report back on the scent, but please know this is intended as a joke gift so I take no responsibility if it stinks up your home.


47. Floret Flower Puzzle

I bought this puzzle for us last Christmas and was blown away by the detail in the photography. Really a great gift for anyone!


48. Gardening Shed Christmas Tree Ornament

How cute? There’s an abundance of amazing Etsy creators you can support this holiday season by purchasing a custom gift like this. I ordered this potting shed ornament and the little glass greenhouse. Obsessed.


49. Monthly Subscription to Magnolia Magazine

All gardeners have a shared love for Joanna Gaines, right? I had a subscription to Magnolia Magazine on my list last year and it was such a nice treat to get these gorgeous magazines in the mail. Lots of great garden inspo, recipes and home decor DIYs.


50. Floret Flower Leather Gardening Tool Belt

The last item on our list is something I do not yet own (the only item on this Holiday Gift Guide I don’t own!), but I’ve wanted one for years. I love the tool belt Floret Flower makes. It looks incredibly well crafted and practical for both veggie and flower gardeners. Definitely a higher price point gift but a great one for the serious gardener.


And there you have it!

50 of the best gardening gifts for gardeners

Those are The 50 BEST (Gardener Approved) Gardening Gifts for 2022.

If you’re shopping for the gardener in your life, I hope you found some inspiration from this gift guide. And if you are a gardener, share this post with your loved ones who are shopping for you.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions, I answer all comments, always.

You can also follow @fromsoiltosoul on Instagram, Tik Tok and Pinterest for more organic gardening content too.


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  1. November 25, 2022

    Awesome list! Lots of goodies here to consider.
    I managed to score a used copy of High-Yield Vegetable Gardening for $15 including shipping on Amazon

    — Steve Livingston
  2. November 28, 2022

    some really cool stuff here. love my costco shelves for seed starting, and hori hori knife which i used every single day this year, highly recommend.

    — Matt
  3. December 1, 2022

    This is a fantastic list! I hadn’t thought of using a photo box for seeds.
    I encourage you to go for the tool belt. I treated myself with some Christmas money 2 years ago and have worn the belt every moment I get to spend in the garden since. It has held up beautifully. It is fabulous. I even attached a little clip that I use to hang my gardening gloves as I found I was constantly losing them out in the garden.

    — Donna Monteyne